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Plain View Design + Build is a residential home design and construction team that focuses on high end custom homes and large scale remodels. Every project we take on is executed with intense commitment to meaningful designs intentionally built. Never satisfied with the status quo or good enough, our goal is to create spaces that meet our clients’ unique needs, conserve resources, contribute to the community and demonstrate design excellence. 

As a design + build company, Plain View’s services include everything from the first sketch to the final nail. Our process is transparent, efficient and effective and always customer focused; it’s the reason we created the company in 2013.

Plain View entered the market to meet the need for intentional design and construction. We were committed to creating a company that catered to clients who wanted to really think through their design decisions; clients concerned about construction impacts, opportunities and unimaginable possibilities.

Too often people settle for solutions that are within immediate reach and fall short of their true desires. We want to be known as the company that challenges clients to be bold. We’re forward thinkers with an intentional approach to design. This means we’re selective about the projects we accept and lean into work that gives us the best opportunity to be creative for the clients who demand it.

What We Do

Just what our name implies! Plain View designs homes and builds them. We also have a strong niche in home renovations and use the same principles used in custom home new builds to execute high quality home remodels. At Plain View, home design is more than the first sketch, it’s understanding each client’s specific needs, diving into their way of life and future goals. 

We build forever homes. Plain View projects meet our clients’ current needs and anticipate those in the future. We build homes that eliminate the need to uproot and encourage you to take root.

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Who We Are

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We build forever homes. Plain View projects meet our clients’ current needs and anticipate those in the future. We build homes that eliminate the need to uproot and encourage you to take root.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plain View Design + Build is driven by a team of talented entrepreneurs who contribute diverse experiences to the benefit of its clients.

Where are you willing to build?

Our reach extends 70 miles around Bismarck-Mandan. However, if you have design + build needs beyond this border, drop us a line. Exceptions may be made for projects that align with our goals and get us jazzed.

Can I finance the design cost of construction?

New homes are normally financed with construction loans during the building process. Construction loans may cover the cost of buying land, drafting plans, taking out permits and paying for labor and materials. We recommend buyers talk to their lender about the specifics of their financing.

Am I able to shop for my own fixtures?

Yes! Our clients are welcome to work with our interior designer or to choose finishes and fixtures on their own.

Is there a minimum home cost that you work with?

We focus our work helping clients design and build homes with a $800k price point and higher. Our remodel projects begin at $100k.

Do you offer interior design support?

Yes! We have an interior designer on staff!

What’s the overall process look like?

Our relationship begins with an online inquiry. After you share a bit about your needs, we’ll respond with an email or call to collect additional details. If your project appears to be a good fit, we’ll pursue an in-person meeting (on-site if you have a lot or in office if you don’t).

Our pre-design phase includes contract signing and site considerations. Schematic design starts after payment is received. Design development comes next. Finally, construction permits will be pulled and the construction contract signed. Then building begins!

How much will this cost?

We design and build custom homes valued at $800k and up. Our fees are based on a variety of factors.

How long does it take to build a house?

A conservative timeframe, from first sketch to final nail, is 16-24 months. Our design phase is roughly 4-6 months. Construction could take another 12-18 months. Market conditions (weather, product availability, shipping, etc.) are the greatest influencer.

Can I hire you to design my home only?

The short answer is no. We love to design, but reserve our time for clients who choose to build too.

Can I hire you to build a home I have drawings for?

This is definitely up for discussion! We are happy to review your home plans to determine whether we are the right fit to construct them. Our decision to build will be based on the quality and craftsmanship behind the design.

Do I have to have to own a lot first?

No. We’ve helped plenty of people design and build their dream home after assisting with a lot acquisition.




New Construction

From first sketch to final nail is more than a tagline, it’s our commitment to working in step with each client throughout a project. It’s our pledge to answer your calls, emails and texts; consider your unique needs; and be considerate of your budget, timeline and aspirations.



Meaningful design. Intentionally built. Our mission is more than just building homes, it’s using meaningful design to ensure effective and efficient use of materials and incorporating intentional construction to maximize livability.

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