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Sweet Row

Plain View has always had a sweet spot for infill projects, and Sweet Row is no exception.

Named after its location, Sweet Row’s title also gives hint to its uniqueness and #cool factor. It checks all the #infill boxes: unique design, use of efficient materials, effective use of space, and a minimalistic and simplified design and build approach.

Built on a previously vacant lot near downtown Bismarck, ND, this 5 unit infill structure was completed in October of 2022. The property was initially purchased in 2013 by an investor with hopes to build a four-unit apartment house. After years of working through city ordinances, the project was presented to Plain View in 2021 and developed into a 5 unit complex to best accommodate the lot.

Urban infill is a productive approach to reduce urban sprawl and invest into well-established neighborhoods. Sweet Row is another great example of how you can thrive in a more efficient and compact home. How much function can fit in 1500 square feet? We think plenty!


Location: Bismarck
Type: Custom Design + Build; Infill
Photographer: Dana Middleton Photography
Status: Completed

Read more about the story behind Sweet Row here!

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