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Thinking about pursuing a custom home build or a home remodel, but don’t know where to start? Well, you found us, so that’s a great start! Let’s walk you through the process for a custom new build and/or a home remodel.

Find Us

If you’re here, it means you have already completed step one! We know you still have plenty of questions, like how much is this going to cost, am I going to like your team, how long is this going to take, the list goes on! No fear, every single one of those questions will be answered in the following steps! But for now, start with this:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form here, and make sure to fill it out fully! We will need to know your style and vision (Pinterest is a helpful way to show us this), your ideal investment range, and your timeline
  2. If you are pursuing a remodel project, you can send us some photos of your current space as well.
  3. Get ready for a follow up email from us within 24 business hours with what to do next!

Meet Us

Going into a partnership on a design to build process is almost like getting married for a good chunk of time. We need to make sure we are compatible! At Plain View D + B, we get to know each other first through a quick discovery phone call where we ask questions about your visions, goals, budget, timeline, etc. If everything is lining up after that first phone call, we then schedule an in-person meeting where our team gets to see you face to face and hear your vision. We will fill you in on our process during this first meeting along with expectations from us and from you, payments, and contracts. How to prepare for this first meeting?

  1. No pressure here! This first meeting is our opportunity to get a general vibe for your project and goals, answer any questions, and identify if we can help you reach those goals!
  2. Start getting serious about your timeline goals and ideal investment range (mentioned above). This becomes even more important in the next phase.
  3. If we’re a great match, you’ll leave this meeting with a crystal clear understanding of what the next steps are, we promise! You’ll have a copy of our client handbook in hand (loaded with all of our FAQs, process facts, etc), a clear task list on how to prepare for the next meeting, and loads of excitement for what comes next.

Design | PreConstruction

Once we all decide that the project is a go, payments are made and contracts are signed, we can get to the best part of the design + build process : DESIGN! This is what you came for, get excited! The design phase length varies based on the scope of the project, whether it is a custom new build or remodel, and how quickly / decisive you are with your goals. The Design Phase takes up a bulk of the Preconstruction process (PRE construction = all things needing to happen prior to the shovel hitting the ground!)

  1. This phase involves a lot of designing and editing the design based on your feedback during our in person meetings
  2. We submit all the paperwork during this phase and obtain permits and construction contracts are signed. 
  3. Once the construction contract is signed, the design is finally complete! Changes can happen after this phase if necessary, but we just make sure that everyone is aware of timeline and budget impacts with late-phase design changes.
  4. Want to make the first design meeting super efficient? Check out how to best prepare here!
  5. This phase is solidified with a Preconstruction Contract that will be presented to you after the first meeting (if everyone is feeling good about the partnership). This contract will spell out all of the deliverables for the preconstruction phase. Basically, you get to see a bulleted list of everything Plain View will be providing you from the first handshake to the day construction actually starts.


This exciting phase starts after construction documents are signed, scope of work is identified, and budget is finalized. When does construction start? At Plain View D + B, we start construction when we’re ready to finish construction. What does that mean? It means we value your time and our time too much to start your project before we have all of the materials, paperwork, and design nailed down. Once we start your project, we aren’t going to stop until it’s DONE.

  1. We will be in communication with you very regularly during this phase! You will have the ability to ask as many questions as you wish through our online portal, and all emergent issues will be communicated via phone directly.  
  2. You will also get weekly updates on all the things : timeline, budget, status. 
  3. This is where the emotional rollercoaster really kicks in. We’re here for you through this entire phase! We stand by all of our projects and all of our clients. The next step is SO close!


Ahh, finally! The dust has settled, the dumpster is gone, and you get to sit back and enjoy your new home or space. We will stick with you through the warranty process should anything come up. But basically, this is our Why. Enjoy friends!


We look forward to working with you from first sketch to final nail!

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